What Is ArtHaus? 

Conceptualized in 2021, ArtHaus is a mobile art space designed to promote the arts and arts appreciation, by ensuring arts experiences are accessible and open to anyone in our community. ArtHaus is an innovative way to bring the community together through the arts. Our hope is that the mobile option gives our community and its artists exposure to new ideas and concepts, and allows those who would not normally attend arts events access to them. Here a few ways we have hope to utilize ArtHaus

  • Education through workshops, school visits, artist lectures, and emerging artist shows
  • Public art exposure via a mobile ‘art center,’ bringing the art to where the community is
  • Community engagement through tailored interactions between those making and participating
  • Direct support and space for artists working in Cheyenne and Wyoming

How Will ArtHaus be Used?

ArtHaus has the potential and flexibility for scheduled travel around Laramie County
in conjunction with events and activities throughout the year. Here are a few things you expect to see at the Arthaus:

  • Emerging artist shows
  • Art installations and interactive experiences
  • Partnership collaboration shows Artwalk Pop-ups
  • Themed Art Shows
  • Art show and sale to fundraise for more art experiences
  • As a centerpiece for the annual “Cheyenne Arts Celebration”

ArtHaus will be open to the public for a special launch event on May 6th, 2022 at the Depot! The first show will be a ‘Fine Arts Cheyenne Invitational,’ featuring some of the best artists in our community!

Calls for Art Open!

ArtHaus and Arts Cheyenne are excited to bring you the very first of our Calls for Artists! 

June, 2022 will feature a show that pays homage to the changes and development of many of our downtowns. For this show, we’re seeking new or existing work that reflects each artist’s views and memories on those changes. 

July, 2022 is jam-packed between the annual Paint Slingers event and Cheyenne Frontier Days, and what better way to pay homage where two worlds collide than through a show that features what it means to be an artist in today’s modern west? 

To learn more about each show and to apply, please click the show button at the right. 

2022 List of Events

May 17th, 2022–East High Arts Awards

June 3rd, 2022–First Friday Artwalk, location TBD
June 11th, 2022–Burns’ Day Parade

July 8th, 2022–First Friday Artwalk, location TBD
July 15-17th, 2022–West Edge District Celebration; Culture Expo–location TBA
July 22-31, 2022–CFD location TBA

August 5th, 2022–First Friday Artwalk, location TBA
August 20th, 2022–Cheyenne Arts Celebration, Lions Park

September 2nd, 2022–First Friday Artwalk, location TBA
September 9th, 2022–Hispanic Fest Cheyenne