Author Bertman to Keynote 2nd Annual Young Writers Workshop

Attendees at this year’s Young Writers Workshop can expect a “bit of mystery, a bit of humor, and a lot of fun,” as is par for the course with anything related to New York Times best-selling children & young adults author Jennifer Chambliss Bertman.

Bertman will be the 2016 workshop’s keynote speaker, at which she’ll discuss picking and writing about her characters, creating new and exciting worlds, and experiences writing her own works. She is the author of The Book Scavenger, in which a young girl discovers and tries to save a bookish game while facing mystery, worldly rogues and more! Bertman is a fan of cats, dogs and llamas alike, and has a soft spot for Baskin Robbins’ mint chocolate chip ice cream. 

Designed for children and young adults to enhance their writing skills and jump into technical creativity, the Young Writers Workshop encourages youth to write while attending a conference-style workshop.

Generating Ideas, Character Development, and Creating Fantasy Worlds breakout sessions will be available to grades 3-12. Teen writers will also have a chance to join an intensive writing track that allows them to focus on writing during the conference and receive feedback from each other and an instructor. Younger writers will have an opportunity to put their imaginations to the test and create mini stories with other attendees.

All participants will receive a copy of The Book Scavenger, as well as have an opportunity to have it signed by the author. A scavenger hunt based on the book will also be available while in the library.

This event is presented in partnership with the Graham Parfitt Writing Project.

Grades 3-12 are welcome to this event.  Space is limited so please sign up here or call 307-634-3561.


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