Cast List for “Free to Be You and Me” Announced

Performances for Cheyenne Little Theatre Players’ Youth Summer Stock will be held on Friday and Saturday, July 17 and 18 at 7:00 PM and Sunday, July 19 at 2:00 PM.

William: Lars Quinlivan
Janet: Zoey Brown, 
Richard: Colin Threewitt
Vickie: Julia Wells
The Playground Gang: Morgan Schwartz, Jenna Hoobler, Jadyn Greene, Emily 
Barlow, Rose Threewitt, Danielle Schulz, Elizabeth Stump, Lillian Long
Baby William: Martin Mata
Baby Janet: Shelby Hoobler
Nursery Babies: Meredith Paul, Aubrey Ashby, Sadie Larson
Curious Girls: Emma Mayfield, Fiona Skidmore
Grandma: Rainbeau Coward
Lunch Lady: Kadie Brown
William’s Dad: Jeremy Nelson
William’s Mom: Joey Barto
Fluffy the Dog: Nataleigh Rhoads
Tender Sweet Young Thing: Maggie Threewitt
Atalanta: Kelly Kline
King: Samuel Bargsten
Young John: Wyatt Weiss
Young Runners: David Schulz, Jeremy Nelson, Martin Mata
Nurses: Aleksia Johnson, Janice Horton
Tap Dancing Babies: Julia Wells, Danielle Schulz, Elizabeth Stump, Sarah Stump
Grown Ups: Meredith Paul, Aubrey Ashby, Sadie Larson, Rainbeau Coward, Kadie Brown, Jeremy Nelson, Joey Barto, Natalie Rhoads, David Schulz, Aleksia Johnson, Janice Horton, Scarlette Swank, Sarah Stump, Claire Nelson, Maleigha Hurd, Kendall Padilla, Laura Van Horn, Alana Ashby, Emma Mayfield, Fiona Skidmore
Tech Crew: Phillip Horton


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