Living Room Shows in Cheyenne

Small, intimate living room music shows are catching on in Cheyenne.  Living room shows are organized in private homes by individuals and musicians interested in presenting their music in a smaller personal setting.

Several shows are scheduled in the coming days, including a show by folk singer/songwriter Will Johnson on September 30 and another show by folk group The Clearwings on October 1.  Given the small setting (two private homes), only about 50 tickets are available for each performance.  Details for both shows:

Will Johnson
Will Johnson’s latest solo album, Swan City Vampires, is distinguished by its immediacy and intimacy. Crisp, measured acoustic guitars cushion the Austin-based singer-songwriter’s equally precise, conspiratorial vocals, while keening pedal steel, droning electric guitars, and the occasional askew keyboard add color. The results fall somewhere in the cracks between Neil Young and Crazy Horse noise hurricanes, road-worn folk songs, and low-key alt-country barnstorming.

Tickets to this event are only available online.  (You will get the full address of this Show once you purchase your tickets.) 

The Clearwings
The Clearwings is an independent alt-folk duo with a focus on the intimacy of live performance. They combine tight harmonies with driving guitar, bringing a modern edge to a classic folk sensibility. The result is a dynamic sound, with influences ranging from 60s greats like Peter, Paul, & Mary, Johnny Cash & June Carter, and Ian & Sylvia, to modern rock interpreters like The White Stripes and The Strokes.

The Clearwings is fronted equally by Raven Adams (vocals & percussion) and Mark Phillips (vocals & guitar). While Raven is native to Santa Cruz, California and Mark from Golden, Colorado, the pair began collaborating on music in college in Maine and moved to Colorado in 2009. They began performing as the Clearwings in December of 2013. Since then, they have been gigging extensively around Denver, recording, and traveling to New Mexico and California for shows. Their sets include standards and covers in addition to ever-increasing original material. 

The Clearwings launched their first tour in September 2015, kicking things off in California, and will be on the road through the end of the year.  

Tickets to this show are available by email only.


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