Arts Cheyenne’s Volunteers of Awesomeness!

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The tremendous success that Arts Cheyenne has experienced is due, in large part, to our Volunteers of Awesomeness and our Community Partners.

    • A verrrryyy special thank you to Chad Willett of Warehouse Twenty-One for updating our website with huge amounts of new functionality!  Wow!  Improved navigation, filtering that audience-friendly, scrolling Community Partners list on the Home page, ability for our fans to leave comments, and more!  Wow, Chad, your kindness and generosity have been a huge boon to the Arts community and to Cheyenne.
    • A deep and special thank you to Nathan Fitzsimmons for creating this beautiful website way back in January 2011.  Without his unbelievably generous donation of time and expertise, we would not have this website, a key ingredient to our success.    
    • Thank  you to Jordan Dean of Warehouse Twenty One for the creation of our gorgeous logo of which we are so proud!  Jordan has also designed our amazing posters for around town.  A huge thank you to Dave Teubner and Chad Willet for donating Jordan’s time and incredible talent to us, and for telling us about MailChimp!
    • Thank you to our board members and Friends of Arts Cheyenne
    • Thank you to the numerous volunteers who have donated time, talent, and moral support since we began this organization!  We simply could not have done it without you.

If you would like to volunteer for Arts Cheyenne please contact Bill Lindstrom at 307-222-4091.

“We need volunteers to do everything from graphic arts, posting events to our website, networking with our arts organizations and community leaders, to web development, Facebook expansion,  and putting posters around town.   We know this organization will continue to be successful, due in large part,  to our Awesome Volunteers and our Community Partners. Come help us continue to make a difference in the arts in Cheyenne and share your passion!”

Arts Cheyenne’s Volunteers of Awesomeness!