Cheyenne Depot Museum and Depot Plaza

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121 W. 15TH ST, Cheyenne, WY, 82001, United States

Cheyenne Depot Museum and Depot Plaza

1.  Museum and Plaza
2.  Venue and Rentable Space

Museum and Plaza

The Cheyenne Depot Museum is housed in the renovated Union Pacific Depot in downtown Cheyenne.  The museum tells the story of the establishment of Cheyenne during the construction of the Transcontinental Railroad, the operation of the Union Pacific Railroad and the history of the construction of the Union Pacific Depot.   You can view the Union Pacific Main Yard from the new building on the west end of the Depot, and experience the second floor of the Cheyenne Depot Museum which is a “touchable museum experience” that has received rave reviews from children of all ages.

The Depot Museum and Plaza have become the cultural and entertainment center of Downtown Cheyenne, striving to provide educational programming and events in conjuction with the City of Cheyenne that enrich the community. We thank you for your support and invite you to view our calendar of events!

Venue and Rentable Space

The Cheyenne Depot Museum is excited to be able to offer the lobby of the Cheyenne Depot to businesses and individuals for private events.

The lobby is an exquisite location for virtually any event – from a casual dinner to formal wedding.  The newly restored lobby emulates the grandeur that it once had when it was decorated in art deco style in 1929.

Some events may want to incorporate a tour of the new Cheyenne Depot Museum as part of their event.

To date, we have had the privilege to host wedding ceremonies, wedding receptions, bridal teas, anniversary and birthday parties, class reunions, family reunions and dinners.  Other successful events include business receptions, business presentations and seminars.

The lobby is available for private rental throughout the year.  Rental fees are based on an hourly rate.

Private and non-profit organizationsmay rent the lobby for $90 per hour, with a maximum expense of $865 per day.

Businesses and commercial ventureshave a rental rate of $180 per hour, with a maximum expense of $1,730 per day.

Special packages are available for unique events.

A deposit and a refundable damage/cleaning deposit are required.

Catering facilities are not available in the Cheyenne Depot lobby.  All food preparations need to be completed off the premises.

We work with any local Cheyenne caterers you choose, but recommend Holiday Inn, and The Plains. Make sure when you hire your caterer or renter, you let them know they are expected to obtain the necessary permits and licenses for the event.

Cheyenne Depot Museum and Depot Plaza