Wyoming Entrepreneur and the Small Business Development Center

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1400 E. College Dr, Cheyenne, WY, 82007, United States

Wyoming Entrepreneur and the Small Business Development Center

Wyoming Entrepreneur consists of a partnership between the University of Wyoming, the Wyoming Business Council and the U.S. Small Business Administration.

In order to best serve entrepreneurs in Wyoming, we have developed a number of consulting specialties which include selling to government, business plans, marketing plans, financial health checkup, business valuation, eCommerce, succession planning, international trade, tourism marketing, market research, business ethics, social media, QuickBooks, and others.

Community Partner

How the Wyoming Entrepreneurship program is helping Arts Cheyenne and the Arts:

The Wyoming Entrepreneurship program is not only helping Arts Cheyenne with fabulous business consulting, it has also entered into a strategic planning initiative, in conjunction with the LCCC Life Enrichment program and LCCC Entrepreneurship program, Works of Wyoming and Arts Cheyenne to bring Business and Professional Development courses to LCCC and the Greater Cheyenne area.  A feature being considered for this initiative is to pilot and showcase local and state arts-support programs on the Arts Cheyenne website as a way to model how these programs can be implemented. This would be a huge benefit to fellow state arts agencies.


Note: Course offerings will be offered at various LCCC locations including the soon-to-be-renovated Downtown Hynds building (part of the LightsOn! project).

Wyoming Entrepreneur and the Small Business Development Center