Alternative-Modern West

Show Overview

This show is for all modern, contemporary artists working and living in the west, utilizing non-traditional themes. It’s all about how artists create and live in a ‘western community’ making and selling their work to a broad audience. But we’re not talking about your typical cowboys, horses, and landscapes. Think beyond that to what it means to be an artist in the western region, and what kind of work do you show? 

We’re looking for new or existing pieces of work to be featured at a few different events at a new, mobile venue called the ‘ArtHaus’. This venue is an innovative mobile gallery space designed to bring the art to wherever it needs to travel, reaching a broader audience in a more meaningful way.

About the Events

The first event ArtHaus will feature this show at is in partnership with the annual Paint Slingers and 4-Ever West Tattoo Festival event, newly rebranded together under the Culture Expo (CultureX, for short) event title. This event is historically intended to fuse all arts and culture forms together, often in a non-traditional, more modern way. Think of tattoo art, street art, mural art, and all other ‘alternative’ arts and you’ve got the right picture. 

The 2022 CultureX event will take place the weekend of July 15th-17th in downtown Cheyenne, and will showcase roughly 40 tattoo artists, 30 street artists and muralists; art, food, and craft vendors; a chalk art competition (ran by our own United Way) and the annual Steamroller Printmaking event by Cheyenne Makers+Creatives. It’s a weekend that no art lover wants to miss!

Following the CultureX event is the notorious Cheyenne Frontier Days event, this year celebrating  its 125th year. This event needs very little explanation if you live anywhere in Wyoming and even Northern Colorado, but just in case, CFD (as it’s fondly known) features the world’s largest outdoor rodeo, multiple concert events, a carnival, parades and pancakes, downtown festivities,  and a population swell to take it all in. We’re proud to bring the ArtHaus to this year’s Cheyenne Frontier Days event scene to tell the stories of many artists who live and work in today’s West. 

About the ArtHaus

The ArtHaus is an innovative way to bring the community together via a mobile art space, designed to promote the arts and arts experiences to a broad audience. Created and implemented by Arts Cheyenne, this program has the flexibility to expose new art ideas, concepts, installations, visualizations, and performances to anyone in the community, allowing those who would not normally attend arts events access to them. The ArtHaus will be regularly programmed, featuring artists, workshops, special exhibitions, and other events throughout the calendar year. 

Artwork Specifications: 

  • Artists are welcome to submit up to 2 pieces of work via the online form in either a .jpeg or .png format
  • 2-Dimensional pieces of art sized up to 30” squared
  • 3-Dimensional pieces of art sized up to 16” in length/height
  • No installations or projection art (due to inability to support media)
  • Artwork must be original work only
  • If shipping artwork, must come with a return label
  • All hanging work must come with a wire hanger–no sawtooth or alternative hanging system supported
  • Pieces must be labeled with the following (ArtHaus will create labels for each piece): 
    • Artist First and last name
    • Artwork title
    • Artwork medium
    • Artwork price (as applicable)
  • ArtHaus will retain a 15% commission on all works sold, so please plan to price your work accordingly


Milestone Date
Call for Art open April 11th–June 24th
Selection Review June 24th–July 1st
Notification July 1st
Artwork Delivery Date July 11th


We’d love to show your work! Please submit via this form.