The Kinetic Art Program: Wind, Water, and Light is a 3-year program created and implemented by Arts Cheyenne to bring movable, interactive art to the Laramie County community, conveniently using one of our greatest assets as inspiration: wind. Kinetic art is defined as “art that depends on movement for its effect” and each piece created will utilize wind and the surrounding environment to generate its unique artistic effect.

Each program year, at least 5 pieces of art will be installed in various locations throughout Cheyenne and Laramie County, totaling a minimum of 15 new works of art by the program conclusion.


West Edge District of Downtown Cheyenne

Six pieces of kinetic art will be installed in the locations on the map below in May, 2022.
These will be part of an ‘art-on-loan’ installation to kick off the program, and to incite public interest, support, and education for what kinetic art is.


Cheyenne/Laramie County Parks

Five pieces of kinetic art will be comissioned and placed in parks around Laramie County, creating interest points at strategic locations.


Cheyenne Greenway System

Five pieces of kinetic art will be comissioned and placed at strategic, underutilized locations throughout the Cheyenne Greenway system.