The Kinetic Art Program: Wind, Water, and Light is a 3-year program created and implemented by Arts Cheyenne to bring movable, interactive art to the Laramie County community, conveniently using one of our greatest assets as inspiration: wind. Kinetic art is defined as “art that depends on movement for its effect” and each piece created will utilize wind and the surrounding environment to generate its unique artistic effect.


Artist: Kirk Seese

Located off of Randall Ave in a triangle park between Cribbon and McComb, this piece adds a pop of color to a space you might otherwise drive by. 


Artist: Randy Olsen

This stunning piece moves with the wind, allowing mallets to rotate against drums creating a cacophony of sounds. Located at triangle park at the junction of Pershing Blvd and Randall Ave. 

'Hats Off--Blown Away!'

Artist: Steve Dykstra

Found in front of the City of Cheyenne building, this unique rotating metal sculpture spins creating the illusion of a hat blowing in the wind. 

'Wind Sprite'

Artist: Annette Coleman

This piece, located next to the Civic Center Entrance, rotates in the breeze, and is manufactured from mild and stainless steel, along with plexiglass shapes fabricated specifically for the installation in Cheyenne. 


Artist: Kirk Seese

Installed on the south side of the Laramie County Library, this piece is reminiscent of plane or falcon wings, symbolizing upward momentum as they point to the sky.