Cheyenne Arts Festival

Cheyenne Arts Festival

Sixth Annual Cheyenne Arts Festival – August 18-20, 2017 Visit the Cheyenne Arts Festival website for information about the Festival.  Visual Artist applications are now being accepted!  The Performance Arts lineup will be announced this spring.  You can also...

Public Art Gallery

Public Art Gallery Visit these great sculptures all over Cheyenne at parks and buildings across the city.  For more information visit the “Art in Public Places” website.

Culinary Artists in Greater Cheyenne

Culinary Arts Listing and Question of the Month: What is Artisan Bread? Artisan bread is made by a craftsman baker in small batches. The four main ingredients will always be flour, water salt and yeast, or in the case of sour dough, even the yeast is eliminated....

Art Partners: Arts in Business

Art Partners Art Partners is a collaboration between the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce businesses and the Arts community, facilitated by Arts Cheyenne. The purpose of the Art Partners program is to: Promote the growth of the Arts in Cheyenne. Display art in...

Downtown Art Display

Downtown Art Displays ________________ Arts Cheyenne has partnered with the Downtown Development Authority to bring: Downtown Art Display At the Corner of Carey Ave and 17th Street ________________ Dates to be determined.