Art Planning

The coronavirus pandemic has caused us to think about the creation and the consumption of art in new ways.  For example, it will be while before indoor audience-based activities like concerts and plays will be back to normal.

Arts Cheyenne is focused on public art development.  During this pandemic, we are also assisting local arts organizations and artists in:

  • adjusting their cultural programs to accommodate social distancing and safe interactions
  • supporting cultural programming that has experienced decreased financial support

As part of the MOU with the City, Arts Cheyenne is developing a Cultural Inventory and Plan for Cheyenne and Laramie County.  You can help guide this plan by participating in listening sessions this fall.  Check back soon about the schedule for these listening sessions.


Art Support

Arts Cheyenne manages and supports arts programming that showcases and celebrates local creativity.  This includes:

Cheyenne Artwalk –  the community’s monthly celebration of artists and their work
Cheyenne Paint Slingers – partnering with West Edge Collective in supporting this annual street art festival
Cheyenne Public Piano Project – bringing artist-decorated pianos to public spaces around Cheyenne
Cheyenne Arts Celebration – our newest music & arts celebration, August 20, 2022 in Lions Park


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