Many Colleges, Universities, and Scholarship Programs ask for information about  your participation in community events, extracurricular activities, and volunteer work as part of their entrance requirements because they help to show your ability to act on your own steam, interact with others,  create and innovate, act altruistically, and become involved with your community.  Colleges and universities often want to know how likely you will be to participate in their programs and activities as well.

Research on “Passport to the Arts and Sciences”


Arts Cheyenne contacted state and Ivy League colleges’ and universities’ Admissions Offices all over the country to see if maintaining a list of activities and participation in the Arts and Sciences would be beneficial.   The resounding answer was “Yes!”.  Most admission officers asked that it be used to aid the student in filling out an essay about themselves, and some said even to include the list as an attachment.  Contact your college or university to see what their recommendations are.  Note:  University of Wyoming said it would be beneficial for some scholarship programs, but not necessarily for admissions.


Print a Passport to the Arts & Sciences Form



The Arts and Sciences are present in almost every aspect of society!   Use this “Passport to the Arts and Sciences” to keep track of those events you’ve been to, or have participated in, so that you can write with genuineness about your experiences, and how they make you a well-rounded student.

1.  Explain how your participation and experiences in the arts and sciences  have helped you to be a  creative and innovative thinker.
2.  Show how your awareness of yourself,  the world around you, and your appreciation for other cultures and ways of life has grown.
3.  Always write in your own voice.  Make your observations and experiences come alive and work for you.



Science and Arts are really flips sides of the same coin. How?   Science is all about acquiring knowledge and information through experimentation and observation.  These usually include modelling, illustration, simulations etc…  These activities often require some level of raw artistic ability in and of themselves.  But above and beyond that, who comes up with the ideas for the experiments and information quests to being with?….

…. The Creative Thinker!  The Innovator!  The person who can think and Imagine outside the box of our accepted conventions.

So how, then,  do we teach Creativity?  How do we nurture the Innovator?

We know one way!  Through the arts.  It is precisely what the arts are all about.  The arts, in all it’s forms, instills a desire to create and think in innovative ways.  The arts are all about thinking outside the box.  The arts teach a way of thinking that encourages exploration and discovery.

These amazing skills can be used in every aspect of one’s life!