Revival of the Forgotten Main Street

Show Overview

Many of our American Downtowns and Main Streets have architecture that’s changed, grown, or disappeared through years of development. This is reflected in the styling of our streets and community identities, from Ghost Towns to completely revitalized neighborhoods. The purpose of this show is to do a shout out or call back to those environments that we all love and know.

How do you as an artist interpret rural and urban growth in the 21st century? What structures from the past have shaped your experiences and creativity? We invite you to share those ideas and visual expressions with us! 

We’re looking for new or existing pieces of work to be featured at a few different events at a new, mobile venue called the ‘ArtHaus’. This venue is an innovative mobile gallery space designed to bring the art to wherever it needs to travel, reaching a broader audience in a more meaningful way.

About the Events

This show is will be featured at multiple events throughout June. The first of which will take place at Burn’s Day on June 11th, an event that was brought back to life after a long hiatus, with an effort to bring people to downtown Burns to celebrate the community and its people.

This show will also be displayed at Fridays on the Plaza (dates announced soon) as well as SuperDay on June 25th. 

About the ArtHaus

The ArtHaus is an innovative way to bring the community together via a mobile art space, designed to promote the arts and arts experiences to a broad audience. Created and implemented by Arts Cheyenne, this program has the flexibility to expose new art ideas, concepts, installations, visualizations, and performances to anyone in the community, allowing those who would not normally attend arts events access to them. The ArtHaus will be regularly programmed, featuring artists, workshops, special exhibitions, and other events throughout the calendar year. 

Artwork Specifications: 

  • Artists are welcome to submit up to 2 pieces of work via the online form in either a .jpeg or .png format
  • 2-Dimensional pieces of art sized up to 30” squared
  • 3-Dimensional pieces of art sized up to 16” in length/height
  • No installations or projection art (due to inability to support media)
  • Artwork must be original work only
  • If shipping artwork, must come with a return label
  • All hanging work must come with a wire hanger–no sawtooth or alternative hanging system supported
  • Pieces must be labeled with the following (ArtHaus will create labels for each piece): 
    • Artist First and last name
    • Artwork title
    • Artwork medium
    • Artwork price (as applicable)
  • ArtHaus will retain a 15% commission on all works sold, so please plan to price your work accordingly


Milestone Date
Call for Art Open April through May 27th
Selection Review May 28th–May 31st
Notification May 31st
Artwork Delivery Date June 8th


We’d love to show your work! Please submit via this form.