Program Overview

Arts Cheyenne is launching a new program called ‘The Work of Art: Career Development for Artists’. This program is based on the Springboard for the Arts ‘Work of Art’ Program, utilizing resources and training provided to Arts Cheyenne Staff in Fall, 2022.

This program is intended to provide business and career planning, goal setting, portfolio and marketing, and other necessary skills to artists of all disciplines–from those who are starting out, to those who are ready to pivot, to those who just need a refresher. 

The coursework will be offered in a multitude of ways: a full 8 week curriculum (courses are roughly 2 hours each), as well as an a la carte menu of choices for participants to pick and choose what they need. The cost of the courses, timing, and other logistical needs are currently being set, and this survey will help to determine the best way to offer them. Click here to take the survey. 

About the Courses

The coursework for ‘Work of Art’ training will be offered in two ways: 

  • A full 8 week curriculum, taking participants from the basics of planning and goal setting, to managing day-to-day operations, to a full business plan
  • Several courses from the curriculum will also be open as an ‘ala carte’ menu, where participants can sign up for single courses to refresh themselves in the content, and in order to hit targeted goals. 
  • Course materials will be provided as a part of the course curriculum and pricing. For those attending individual sessions, specific coursework sections will be made available.

 Course listings are as follows: 

      • Career Planning and Time Management
      • Portfolio Workshop
      • Pricing Workshop
      • Recordkeeping and Legal Considerations
      • Marketing & Promotions
      • Engaging Customers and Selling Your Work
      • Funding and Grant Writing
      • Business Planning

For early 2023, the courses will be offered in-person only, but Arts Cheyenne will add virtual sessions in the future. Each course will last roughly 2-2.5 hours, with the course activity including guided discussion, self-planning and reflection, and open conversation within a small group setting. The maximum number of participants per course will be 15. 

Course pricing will be determined based on survey data obtained in late 2022/early 2023, in order to best provide what our community can afford and participate in. Arts Cheyenne will also be offering scholarships to those in need in order to complete the coursework. If a participant requires any particular accommodations, Arts Cheyenne will make every effort to ensure those needs are met throughout the duration of the coursework. 

All courses will take place at Arts Cheyenne’s newest facility, the Cheyenne Creativity Center, located at 1620 Thomes Ave in Downtown Cheyenne. 

About the Instructors

The primary facilitator for the Work of Art training courses is Desirée Brothe. Desirée has a Bachelors in Art Education, over 20 years experience in the visual arts industry, and is owner of her art business, Magpie Creations. She has been the instigator of many of the mural projects that you’ll find in downtown Cheyenne, creating relationships between artists and property owners, and finding funding where available. She has also helped to facilitate gallery shows, exhibits, workshops, and other arts-related events and activities in both Wyoming and Northern Colorado. Desiree has served on the Arts Cheyenne board for 7 years, and was Chair of the Board for three of those years. 

Desiree has worked in the community, economic development, and non profit industries for 8 years, where she has conducted over 20 strategic planning, board training, work planning/goal setting, and meeting management sessions. Helping individuals and organizations find their ‘why’ and how to get there is a strength of Desiree’s, through an open and guided facilitation process. Desirée will bring these skills to the ‘Work of Art’ training, where she will assist local artists and course participants in their artistic development. 

Additional guest instructors will be added throughout the coursework as it relates to each session. We are lucky in Cheyenne to have professionals working in all aspects of the creative industry, who are willing to share their knowledge and expertise in an open environment.

Please direct any questions regarding the “Work of Art” training courses to

Desirée Brothe at